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We act on your behalf to carry out legal procedures for notarization, registration of security transactions, certificates of property ownership, as well as other business activities of credit institutions.

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Investments, Enterprises, Commerce and Contracts

We advise and provide legal services relating to:
- The establishment, operation and management of a company, including: advising the procedures for the establishment of a company (including post-licensing procedures), the amendment of business registration/investment license, the establishment of branch, representative office, dissolution, bankrupcy, merger and acquisition.
- Formulation of an investment project, choice of investment form, drafting and reviewing documents for the purposes of an investment project.
- Our lawyers have substantial experience in assisting the client to draft, review, negotiate contracts and arrangements relating to goods sale and purchase, services provision, commercial promotion, commercial agents, commercial disputes, and other related commercial activities.

Real estate, Construction and Bidding

Our lawyers have comprehensive experience in assisting the client to:
- Prepare bidding documents and advise the client on procedures for bidding and formulation of a construction investment project.
- Negotiate and prepare construction contracts in respect of civil and industrial construction works based on the FIDIC construction contracts provided by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers.
- Perform procedures to apply for permits and approvals required for the construction of a construction work and its operation.
- Conduct legal due diligence on real estate property, carry out procedures and prepare relevant documents to obtain title documents and transfer of land use rights, residential housing and other construction works; prepare and assist the client in negotiating agreements and contracts on surface lease, office lease, warehousing; and assist the client in obtaining other approvals from the authorities.
- We particularly specialize in advising procedures to formulate, construct, develop, manage, and operate hotels and resorts, residential housing, commercial center, and office building.

Securities, Banking, Tax and Finance

Our expert and experienced lawyers would be delighted to respond to the client’s request relating to securities and securities market, and other transactions in the capital market. Clients can benefit from our extensive experience and capabilities in equity offerings, debt offerings, investment funds and regulatory issues.
In respect of banking issues, we commit to provide the client with optimal recommendations on matters relating to the organization, management and operation of banks and other credit institutions, such as management of shareholders, provision of facilities, security transactions, financial leasing, payment services, and debts management. We would aim to assist the client to enable its capability of internal supervision, legal risk management, and legal compliance.
QNT Law Firm is supported by various senior tax experts who are qualified to promptly provide the client with comprehensive and efficient options on tax and accounting.

Heritance, Marriage & Family, and Litigation

Our Vietnamese lawyers and experts are able to assist the client to settle issues concerning heritance, marriage and family in accordance with both the moral philosophy of the East and the interests of the client.
We advise and provide legal services relating to:
- Marriage registration, determination of privately/commonly owned properties during marriage, procedures to determine parent-children relationship, divorce, adoption, alimony.
- Prepare, announce, and reserve testaments; management and division of inherited properties.
We have various lawyers and experts who are qualified to represent the client before the courts in respect of criminal cases, civil cases, commercial cases, administrative cases, and labor disputes.

The purpose and advantages of LRM

The purpose of LRM service is:
- To help enterprises recognize and take optimal measures to fix the legal risks that may occur.
- Together with enterprises, to review and set up system of forms, processes and internal management documents in order to establish management systems of enterprises.

Areas and Process of LRM services

In order to establish mechanisms that optimally guarantee enterprises' sustainable development, QNT Law Firm provide clients with LRM in areas of:
- Management and Operation Activities
- Business Activities and Contracts, and
- Human Resources Management.

LRM service in Management and Operation Activities

Assist in the survey, identification, solutions and repair on:
- Enterprise's capacity and conditions of business lines;
- Members/Shareholders & Capital transactions;
- Power of enterprise's managers; and
- Operation of MC/BOM/BOD.

LRM service in Business Activities and Contracts

Assist in the survey, identification, solutions and repair on:
- Investment, commercial activities;
- Power of enterprise's managers;
- Transactions and Contracts;
- Sale & Purchase, Services Management.


Our Experts

November 2016

Our people not only have many years of experience in supporting legal services for banks, but also directly work and handle documents at the Secretarial Department of BOM, the Legal and Compliance Department, Debt Collection and Management Department.



Leader of Division

She is Leader of Banking Service Division, one Senior Associates and has directly responsibility on legal services to baking of QNT Law Firm. She obtained LL.B at the University Economics Ho Chi Minh City. With over 10 working years in banking field, especially notarization procedures, secured transaction registration and licensing.

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